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Lovers Things to Do in Latvia

Riga – art nouveau museum

If you want to experience a thing a little distinctive while in Latvia afterward head over to the Art Neuf Museum which will is normally housed with the city’s most beautiful buildings. Originally constructed in 1903 it is actually ornately embellished with Fine art Nouveau patterns and has a whole range of exhibits to acquire a sense of what a traditional Art Neuf house looked like inside the 1900s.

Bastejkalns Area

If you have some time in Riga then consider a trip to this charming park that has been created in the 19th century. The pretty latvian women statues and charming connections will make for that lovely evening just like you take in the sights on this historic metropolis.

Mushroom picking

A sensible way to spend every day exploring the Latvian countryside through heading out into the forests and collecting some delightful mushrooms. There are plenty of areas that offer mushrooms for you to select from and the best thing about them is that they are not too expensive.

Ligo special event (summer solstice)

During the summer solstice, various people around Latvia celebrate this traditional vacation by simply singing and dancing, getting over bonfires and eating a lot of food. A fresh lot of fun and it’s certainly top among the things to do in Latvia!

Black sauna

There are a number of dark-colored saunas in Latvia, and these give you a wonderful chance to relax away from the bustle of everyday your life. Jaunzageri may be a particularly good place to go as it is very located by the river in the Gauja Nationwide Park and offers boat outings too!

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